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Wedding Cake Flavors


Classic Favorites

White Truffle- Vanilla cake filled with a white chocolate truffle center filling and your choice of two additional filling layers of raspberry or strawberry fruit filling.
White Almond Cream Cake- A moist white wedding cake with a light almond flavor. This is a perfect choice for the couple that wants a true white wedding cake. This pairs perfectly with almond buttercream.
White Almond Truffle- White Almond Cream cake with a sweet white chocolate truffle filling.
Double Chocolate- Three layers of chocolate ganache filling combined with four layers of chocolate cake.

Chocolate Raspberry- Our full flavored chocolate cake featuring rich ganache and raspberry fillings.
Buckeye- Four layers of double chocolate cake that sandwich ganache (or chocolate buttercream) and peanut butter buttercream fillings. 
Peanut Butter Cup- The same ganache and peanut butter buttercream fillings as our Buckeye Blast above, but layered with vanilla cake. Don’t expect any left-overs of this “non-traditional” choice!
Chocolate Mint- Our double chocolate cake layered with mint and ganache fillings. Change it up by adding mint to the cake for an extra punch of mint flavor!
Vanilla Mint- Vanilla cake layered with ganache and mint buttercream fillings. For an unexpected splash of flavor, add chocolate shavings (or chips) to the cake.

Cherry Chocolate- Rich chocolate cake layered with Maraschino cherry chunk buttercream. Substitute vanilla cake or add some chocolate buttercream filling.

Chocolate Nut- A rich nut cake with chocolate truffle filling. Cake can be hazelnut, macadamia, walnut or pecan. Nice for a fall wedding.

Lemon - A sweet and slightly tart lemon cake that compliments your choice of lemon buttercream, raspberry or lemon curd filling. Strawberry filling makes for a cool Strawberry Lemonade combination! A “fresh” choice for summer! 

Banana Truffle- Rich Banana cake combined with chocolate truffle (ganache) filling.

Orange Blossom- A subtle orange cake infused with fresh squeezed orange juice that can be layered with Grand Marnier buttercream. Add chocolate ganache for more intense flavor!
Raspberry Cream- A rich yellow cake layered with raspberry buttercream and raspberry filling. A definite crowd pleaser.

“Top Shelf” Cakes
The flavors below have alcohol baked into the batter, which bakes off leaving behind wonderful flavor combinations.
Golden Almond- A yellow cake base that is flavored with Disaranno® Amaretto. Add some amaretto cream fillings for an extra blast of flavor.
Almond Truffle- Our Golden Almond cake with a rich chocolate ganache filling.

Amaretto Crunch- Vanilla cake with a layer of amaretto buttercream and crushed almonds.
Chocolate Mocha Liqueur- Vodka and Kahlua ® blend flawlessly to make “light” chocolate cake a perfect choice.

Strawberry Margarita- Jose Cuervo
® and margarita mix are blended right into the batter of this strawberry cake. Top it off with a splash of lime buttercream!
Hazelnut Cream- Vanilla cake with Frangelico ® (hazelnut liqueur) and chocolate ganache fillings.
Irish Triple Threat- Our double chocolate cake made with Guinness® Beer that is filled with Jameson Irish Whiskey® ganache and Bailey’s Irish Cream® buttercream.

Snickerdoodle- The cake version of the classic cinnamon cookie. This one is great for fall! Match it with cinnamon or brown sugar buttercream fillings.
Pumpkin- One of our all time Fall favorites! Pair it with cream cheese buttercream for a classic combination!
Red Velvet

Still don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask!

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